Wild Men update

Hi Everyone

Anyone interested in going on our Wild Men weekend at the end of April needs to confirm their commitment to going by our nextTransMen Scotland meeting on Saturday 12th of March. If you can’t make the meeting, please let us know by e.mail.
We need your commitment by this date so that we can organize the transport, etc
The cost of the weekend will be minimal.
We shall post a list of what you will need to bring with you as soon as we have finalized it. For now, the main item to think about is a good sleeping bag – if you have not got a good sleeping bag, perhaps you could borrow one for yourself from a friend?
Also, think about any medication you need to have with you.
The dates for the weekend are Friday 29th of April until Sunday 01st of May. Not sure yet what time we shall be leaving Edinburgh, but will let ye know in good time.
We will be heading for the Pentlands! Actual part of the Pentlands still to be decided.
The weekend is intended to be a fun introduction to basic camping and basic survival skills!

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