April 27, 2011

Hi Guys

This is the final e.mail on our Wild Men weekend. I shall repeat below here everything I have put in my previous messages about it so please read it!!

If you no longer intend to come, please let us know so that we can buy less food.

If you want a bit more detail about where we are going – including googlemaps – please just type Harlaw Nature Reserve Lothian into google and an interesting page about the Edinburgh Walking Group’s trip to Harlaw last February will come up.

Cameron has already posted about Saturday if you are coming then, so please read his e.mail.

Allan, Josh and I aim to be at Harlaw Nature Reserve by 3:30pm Friday afternoon. We will buy some basic fresh food on the way which we can all share and pay for equally. We also intend having a few beers over the weekend, but nobody is going to get drunk!
Obviously, you may bring with you whatever you want – see the Kit List which I shall post again after this message.

The 44 bus service goes from the gardens side of Princes St to Balerno and is a nice journey. Get off at the last stop – just ask the driver. You can be met at Balerno by texting or calling one of the above mobile numbers.
Otherwise, make your way to Harlaw Nature Reserve which is well signposted.

Our proposed camp site is about a 30 minute walk from the Hawlaw Visitor Centre.

We shall be busy Friday settling in and getting things sorted.
Saturday will be our ‘big day’ and we plan on doing a fun orienteering exercize!
Sunday will be busy breaking up camp, etc., and leaving no obvious traces of us behind!
We plan on leaving in the early afternoon and be back in Edinburgh by about 3pm.

This is our first time doing this so we are all – except experienced Josh, of course – on an equal footing. It is basic camping so expect an element of ‘roughing it./’

I think I have covered everything. Happily, Allan and Josh are first aiders if any minor incident happens, and George is a nurse.

Looking forward to seeing those of you committed to going on the Friday and/or Saturday!
Over and out : )