Change to Saturday’s meeting

September 6, 2011

Hi Guys,

Instead of the usual meeting we have deicded to go to Cachin, Cachan, Cachung, which is A Multimedia, Multicultural, Queer & Trans Night of
Dance, Film, Poetry & Music. It’s also a free event.

The committee will have a meeting at 6 at Howe Street, with the rest of you who want to come along arriving from 6.45 as usual for a 7pm meeting. We will get a couple of guys to go along to Priscilla’s (the venue) for 7 to grab some seats for the rest. The rest of us can set of later (7.30 at the latest) from Howe Street.

It should be a fun night!!

PS: If you want to go directly to Priscilla’s and need directions, go to google maps and put ┬áPriscilla’s, Albert Place, Edinburgh into the search box and it will show you the correct venue. Albert Place is part of Leith Walk.