TransBareAll event – 25th and 26th February

January 27, 2012

Hi Guys,

TBA have given us details of their next event in a few weeks time. I’ve pasted the email below which gives the full details. If anyone is interested contact TBA at . There will also be a copy of the booking form with further details on our yahoo group.

Pasted email:

Apologies to those of you who get this email numerous times!

Dear All

Jay and I are pleased to announce that the next TBA event will be
taking place on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2012 in
Sheffield. The cost is between £15 and £50 – whatever you feel you can
afford and includes lunch both days.

This event will be slightly different to our usual retreats as we will
not be offering a residential weekend – we are trying out a different
format. We will all meet at the centre during the day and then people
can have their own time to chill out and reflect in the evening. We
will also be around on the Saturday evening for a social for those who
want to discover the delights that Sheffield has to offer!

This time we will be concentrating on Loss within the community,
looking at how it can affect us in different ways as trans* people and
exploring ways to deal with this. The event will be our first mixed
event for anyone who identifies or has previously identified as trans,
in whatever form that may take.

There are only 16 places available and spaces are on a first come,
first served basis. So make sure you book and get the deposit back to
us fast.

Payments: We can take cheque or bank transfer, please contact us for
the bank details. If you would like to come but are struggling
finiancially, then we are able to take payments in installments to
make it easier. We are also piloting a sponsorship scheme where people
can contribute money to go towards helping others access the event.
Please talk to us if you need any assistance.

Attached is a booking form and further information. Please feel free
to pass this on to anyone you might feel is interested.

Please contact us if you have any questions or you want


Trans Men specific sexual health booklet

January 17, 2012

We will be having a couple of Trans men from Brighton visiting the group at our February meeting on 11th February. This is to get input into the final draft of a sexual health booklet aimed specifically at Trans men and their partners. 

As I am sure you know such a resource is sadly lacking. We think this may be the first one in the UK. We heard from another source last year that there is some evidence that Trans men may be at a higher risk of STDs than is average. Clearly this is a very important resource.

 FTM Brighton is working with the support of THT South on this booklet. The two guys are travelling around the UK to meet with as many Trans men as possible to get their thoughts and comments on the booklet. I have copied their introductory email below. We are hoping to get as many guys as possible, of all ages, along to this meeting whether they would normally come to our meetings or not. Guys don’t have to be interested in coming to our meetings on other occasions, although we will be happy to give information about this if it is desired. We are aware that many guys who no longer feel the need for support groups, but it would be great to have their input into a resource such as this.

 If possible it would be useful to have an idea of numbers beforehand. Guys can contact us by email at or by text at 07948 735 179. As I’m sure you know, it always helps to have an idea of how many will arrive. However if there were guys who decided to come along at the last minute they will be very welcome. The location of the Edinburgh meeting can be found at . The meeting is from 7pm to 9pm.

Hope to see you there!

Pasted email:


 FTM Brighton,along with support from THT south, is producing a booklet on sexual healthaimed at transmen and their partners. There is very little information outthere about sexual health and safe sex for transmen and a lot of rumors andmyths easily get spread. We are hoping to produce a straight forward guidebased on the best up to date information.

 Before thebooklet goes to print we want to showcase it with as many transmen in the UK aspossible to get their feedback. We’ll want to know what you think of theinformation, the writing style and the images used. Also we want to hear whatquestions you have about sexual health to make sure all the main concerns arecovered.

 Therefore wewould like to come to one of your groups meetings and hold a workshop about thebooklet. We would bring copies of the prototype for people to read and thendiscuss the different aspects.

 Ideally wewould like to visit as many groups as possible during January and the firsthalf of February. I know some groups plan their meetings for months ahead sothis might be too short notice. But if it was possible for you to move thingsaround, that would be great. The completion of the booklet has a strictdeadline and we are working like crazy to fit everything in!

 So if you would be up for havinga couple of guys from FTM Brighton take over one of your meetings, let me knowwhat dates you are available and how many on average turn up to your meetings.If you are booked up in January and February but are free later in the year,that could work too, so please do let me know.

Edinburgh 14th Jan – Contact Change

January 10, 2012

Hi Guys,

Josh can no longer be available  this weekend,

So Allan will now be meeting people at Waverley Station.  Between 3-3.15pm.  Meeting outside Burger King.  Call 07812 653 750.





Edinburgh Meeting 14th Jan – Time Change

January 8, 2012

Sorry Guys.

Got timing’s wrong in earlier post.

Josh will be at Waverley Station at 3-3.15pm.  Regent at 4pm.





TMS Edinburgh Meeting 14th Jan 2012

January 7, 2012

This will be a social meeting, taking place at The Regent Bar, at 3pm.    Josh will be meeting people at Waverley Station at 2pm for those that dont know their way, more details to followv on yahoo group.  There will be no evening meeting at Howe Street this month.  Hope you all had a good festive season.  With best wishes for 2012.   Hope to see you all there.  February’s Meeting will be back at the centre when we will have guests from brighton who are producing a new booklet on trans health.

QwesT 2011 – New page on the website

January 6, 2012

There is a new page on the website with a write up of QwesT 2011. It’s at