The Tea Party: free social event for the transgender community, Glasgow

February 29, 2012

This came into the group email address. It may be of interest to those of you in the West of Scotland.

The Tea Party

Friday 9th March, 7.00 – 11.00

Saint Judes Hotel, 190 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4HG

To mark the end of a very successful LGBT History Month, we’ve booked out Saint Jude’s boutique hotel for a luxury tea party to celebrate the transgender community in the West of Scotland, supported by the WoS LGBT Forum.

This sumptuous celebration will be free, but ticketed – so book your place quickly!

For one night only, we’ll have access to Saint Jude’s private tearoom, dancefloor and karaoke suite for a night of fun and festivity, with scrumptious mocktails in teapots and cake stands packed with delicious gourmet goodies; homemade scones, artisan cupcakes, fresh fruit tarts, rich chocolate brownies and dainty finger sandwiches.

The Tea Party is a celebration of the transgender community, and friends, family and supporters are welcome.

As Saint Jude’s operates a ‘Challenge 25’ policy, please bring ID with you if you wish to be served at the bar.

Changing facilities will be provided.

To book your ticket, go to this website:

(Four tickets per person; first come, first served.)

If you have any questions or queries about this event, please contact Michael Richardson:


Trans Men specific sexual health booklet

February 28, 2012

A big thank you to all those who turned out for the consultation event. It went really well.  I’ve posted a thank you email from Ed below.

Pasted email:

hello everyone!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to MORF, Transmen Scotland, QWesT and FTM
London for taking the time to talk to us from FTM Brighton about the sexual
health booklet we’re creating.

All of your inputs was brilliant and gave us a clear idea about things we needed
to change and things we needed to include or build on. We will keep you up to
date about how things progress.

And just for myself, I found it brilliant to be able to go round the country and
meet lots of ftm people – it was great to meet you all and I hope we can meet up
again sometime! You will always be welcome at FTM Brighton 🙂


Transgender Research

February 20, 2012

Pasted below is an email from a student at University College, Cork who is doing research for their dissertation. The request is to fill out a survey about online support for trans people. We have checked this out with Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI) who have confirmed that the research is genuine. We don’t know to what extent this research will benefit the wider trans community, but we feel it is positive that students want to carry out research in this area. If any of you are interested in doing the survey I’m sure it will be very much appreciated.

Pasted email:

Hi there,

My name is Irene Greene and I’m an Applied Psychology student at University College Cork. For my final year project I’m conducting research into the effect online support has on the well-being of transgender individuals.

Research in general populations regarding the effectiveness of online social support has found mixed results, but very little research has been carried out looking at the impact of social support on groups such as the transgender community. We’re interested in examining whether online social support may positively affect the well-being of transgender individuals, as it may provide some people with a greater sense of support than they experience offline. We hope that this study will lead to a better understanding of the impact of social support on the general well-being of members of the transgender community.

I have a short survey which should only take 15 minutes to complete. It is important for the study to get a large number of respondents in order to achieve reliable results. If you are willing, I would be very grateful if you could make the link to the survey available to your members. The link is

Kindest regards,
Irene Greene

Trans Men Specific Sexual Health Booklet – reminder!

February 4, 2012

Just a reminder that the consultation event is next Saturday, 11th February, at 7pm at the LGBT Centre for Health and Wellbeing. We have 2 guys coming from Brighton to get input from us into this. It will be great to see as many guys as possible. Full details are 2 posts below and we are now listed on the LGBT History month website at , so there are also details there.

Clearly this is an important consultation and it will be great to have input from guys of all ages and stages of transition. Even if you feel it’s not something you can contribute to, feel free to come along – you might be surprised. But the consultation probably won’t take the whole meeting time, so there will be the usual time for guys to chat. It’s a good chance to get to meet a couple of guys from another part of the UK socially too.

Hope to see a lot of you next week. Remember, if possible, let us know numbers via email or text if you can. Don’t worry if you can’t – it will still be great to see you.