Safe Space Agreement

Our safe space agreement is in place to ensure everyone feels welcome and comfortable, included and supported, whilst attending a Trans Masculine Scotland activity.
Please adhere to the following at all times. This will help ensure a safe space is created for everyone. Also note this list can be added to and is not conclusive. Feel free to talk to us if you feel there is something that should be added.
  • Listen to one another.
  • Allow everyone a chance to speak.
  • Respect each others identities, names and pronouns.
  • Respect each others opinion.
  • Respect each others decision to say no.
  • Respect each others boundaries, both physical and non physical.
  • If you are unsure, ask each other.
  • Think about the use of words you use, and the impact they may have on other people in the space.
  • Get permission before publicly identifying any event attendee.
  • Respect the space and surrounding area that is being used to hold any event or activity.
  • Only share information you are comfortable with sharing.
  • Be inclusive of everyone using the space.
  • Use intimidating language or behaviour, or extensive amounts of swear words.
  • Make assumptions, generalise or stereotype anyone.
  • Blame another person for your own behaviour.
  • Don’t share anything that someone has shared with you, outside the group.
If you feel this safe space policy is being broken…
  • If you feel you are able to, speak to the person(s) involved. Respectfully tell them and explain why you feel this way.
  • Speak to one of the group members who are running the activity/event. Tell us how you feel. This can be done at the time of the situation, or later via email, whichever is more comfortable.
If you feel you are unable to uphold the safe space agreement…
  • Listen respectfully to anyone who tells you that you are making them uncomfortable. Try and change your behaviour to reflect this.
  • Speak to someone who is running the activity/event. Tell us how you feel and ask us if you are unsure of any expectations.
  • If you feel you are unable to speak to someone at the moment, try and remove yourself from the immediate area/room.

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